Dining Picks

6 Most Delicious Doughnut Shops

Voodoo is famous for its zany treats, but, let's be clear, it's not the only doughnut shop in town. You should sniff out some of the others for sticky, cakey, glazed deliciousness sans breakfast cereal.  ...


10 Terrific Vinyl Record Stores

Every year, the third Saturday in April sees fans line-up at mom-and-pop music retailers around the country. And while it’s all well and good to show love to your favorite record shop, why stop at just one day? Here, we highlight 10 of our favorite independent record-sellers where you can hunt for r...


Urban Hike to Pittock Mansion

This in-town hike meanders through Forest Park to a historic mansion perched high above the city.  ...


How to Travel Solo in Portland

Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or on your first independent trip, Portland seems like it was tailor-made for single adventures. ...

Dining Picks

Where to Eat Brunch in Portland

In this town, brunch isn’t just another reason to dine out. Our trailblazing chefs elevate the midmorning meal, transforming it into a leisurely ritual and a communal celebration of everything that makes the city a culinary hotbed. ...


How to Party in Portland: The Nightlife Guide

Party like the locals at legendary karaoke bars, indie rock venues and brew ’n’ view theaters. ...


Biking in Portland 101

Often called America's bike capital, Portland boasts well-marked lanes that keep cycling routes safe and fun. Here's our introductory cycling itinerary to help you navigate the city, discover our eclectic neighborhoods and more.  ...


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